Friday, August 31, 2012

So very, very tired. . . and ready to run away.

For the last three days, I've been practicing. Leaving the house by 5:30/5:40am and driving to the church building (and lesson planning). I no longer need the GPS to get there (it isn't my usual church building), and I am pretty sure I have the first four days of lessons set.

I also realized that B and I probably won't see each other so much for the next little while. I think for at least the first couple weeks, I'll be napping from 5-7, then packing breakfast/lunch, and in bed for real by 9:30. I can also tell that my eyes are super dry--by 10 am, I am usually blinking a lot, and the last 1/2 hour of work, there is a lot of eye-rubbing, but I expect to get used to it. Hopefully. 

I am escaping this weekend with some old friends, and I cannot even wait. Though, the girls at the beach this weekend may get to do some Scripture Mastery Yoga with me--and maybe help me make a few posters. I need a runaway vacation with people I love. I fully expect to get my hair played with while we sing at the top of our lungs to something delightful--and I get to feel ten years younger.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Second thoughts

I've been genuinely excited about my calling but in the last few days, I've grown to loath it--and I haven't even started school yet. Add me to your prayers, please. I'm going to need it.

I had cancer this year, and at the moment it seems that dealing with parents may be more stressful.


Friday, August 3, 2012

Nashville Dreaming. . .

No, I'm not running away to join the Opry. I'm running to visit Amanda this weekend. We are doing something that, in B's mind, is incredibly dorky. She doesn't get that the most fun you have in this life is when you embrace the crazy.

We're going to a concert put on by none other than Alexz Johnson (yes, her name spelling bugs me, too)--who used to be Canada's Instant Star, Jude Harrison. No, she didn't change her name. Long before Glee, there was a show where they sang songs every week. Well written (and some cheesy), original songs that were catchy and gorgeous. As this Canadian songbird is touring the states, we're going to see her.

I know--its a little cheesy.  But I don't care. . . No JEs!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best Part of the Depot Last Night. . .

Making B sing the Boy/Girl from Impanema.

I'm not saying we were like this. . .

But maybe a little. . .

Also, John K (my guitarist friend), says that this group always reminds him of me now.  How awesome are they--well, at least their names.

Happy Thursday.

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