Sunday, June 26, 2011

Miracle of miracles

Many thanks and bless you to all well wishers and battle of the bands attendees. I didn't chicken out--and I didn't throw up due to nerves (though I was close).  I did, however, flub my whole fiddle section on Wagon Wheel due to not being able to read the music, but we did okay (not that you could hear yourself at all--you just had to have faith).  Jolene helped us into the second round.  And then our mash-up was delightful (we're thinking of recording it--if we do, I'll post it here).  My favorite, though, was our encore (after we won!).  We got up everyone who knew Wagon Wheel (four guitars, a bunch of singers, and me on fiddle), and we all just sang to our hearts' content.  Perfection.

Anyway, thank you!  The various texts and love were just what I needed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Say a little prayer for me. . .

A friend of mine is putting on a Battle of the Bands on Saturday.  And I have been coerced into playing in a band.  Rue Johnson (our little blue grass band) takes the stage this Saturday at 7:30pm.  I will be playing my fiddle (violin) in public for the first time since 1997.  I haven't played in public this century!!! I'm nervous as all get out, but with a little bit of luck and a couple of prayers, I may just make it.

We're opening with Wagon Wheel and Jolene (obviously with our own little spin on them).  And then if we make it through the voting in the first round (top three of eight), we're playing our crazy mash-up of Tracy Chapman's Fast Car and Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.  Hopefully, we'll get to play it.  Fingers crossed.  It really is pretty awesome.

I am starting to get super nervous, so I need prayers just so I can make it on stage (And not completely chicken out).  And so it isn't too hot.  Here goes nothing. . . .

Random Specificity

Recently I have off-the-cuff offered up some threats over the course of casual conversation. People have looked at me funny as these threats are rather specific.

But I learned very well from Willow that "a vague disclaimer is nobody's friend."  And I fully believe that.

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