Saturday, April 28, 2012

Home Stretch

Radiation and Quarantine this coming week.  I've gone dairy free (among other things) since April 16, and I miss cheese the most. I have even read about making cheese at home, and may even make squeaky cheese!  I'm getting ready to radiation proof the house, and figuring out my life post severe hypothyroid and stupid, funky diet.

I have learned cool things like, I hate veggies, except a very minor few, and I can only eat so much oatmeal.  I have learned how to make roasted red peppers (and will never buy them again!).  I have a go-to spaghetti recipe--which I had worked on ages ago, but have really never written down, now, the base is written down, and what you do to it can be played with (gluten free pasta is made without eggs).  Turns out I am okay with hard boiled eggs, though throwing away the yolks makes me feel sick.  They put sea salt in nearly all milk substitutes (except coconut milk beverage), and I really like cheese.  Like, I've dreamed of cheese, all different kinds.  I've looked up recipes for cheesy things (and meaty things), restaurants that have had amazing cheesy foods that have closed in my area but may still be open elsewhere, so I can get them--and cannot wait to make the torte from Felicia Day's flog episode 3--it looks divine (I kind of want her apron)! I am grouchy when I am hungry, but I don't like to eat things unless they are really good.  By the way, I have never really liked fries unless drowned in sauces, and now, I can make my own with paprika, garlic powder, and dill.

My kitchen needs cleaning (because when you have to cook all your own foods, you make a mess), especially when you are super exhausted all the time. KSB has been a dream, and hooked me up with bread and peeled and cut potatoes for oven fries for two weeks, and if anyone was going to be changed in a twinkling, it is she. Kale smoothies, y'all, and flatbread, and hummus, and she is amazing!

I am bloated, a little depressed, and achy, but I am hanging in there.  I am so glad to be able to take thyroid meds starting on Thursday (and for CS to bring me a cheesy, cheesy pizza! and BL to be a doll and bring me Red Robin!--at first, I thought on the same day, and now I am not sure. . . ).  Supposedly, I will be really, really tired, so I am making a pile of books I've been meaning to read, but may or may not get to them, and am thinking Alias/West Wing marathons while half awake. Though there will be some Dr. Mario and maybe some other marathoning (Buffy, Veronica Mars, Farscape, Lark Rise to Candleford, Witchblade, and Lost have all waved their hands in the air, as well as the lead up to the Avengers--Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 1&2, and you know I can do Jane Austen marathons for weeks on end).

It has been so long since I felt like a person, I am just looking forward to feeling like I am not waiting around for doctors to fix me.  And to engage in my life again (which you need energy for--Thursday cannot get here fast enough).  Though supposedly it will take me three months of figuring out my meds to get to fully functioning.  My therapist has been a dream through all this, and if you are going through cancer treatments, I would recommend therapy to everyone--if only to talk me down off the ledge when I wanted to chuck it all. 

Cancer free by the end of May, y'all! Hopefully.

On a complete side note, if you are around on June 9th, I have a gig singing at Bocci (well, technically in the courtyard) with my favorite little local jazz band. Patti, their normal singer, who does the most gorgeous version of La Vie en Rose I've ever heard, cannot sing that night, so I am going to be their vocalist. I just got the intimidating set list of 33 songs, and I am a little nervous, but SUPER excited. I'll post more closer to time, but 6:30pm on free cake night at Nantucket?  Easy peasy! 

Funny enough, one of my favorite recovery moments was singing for an hour at a wine tasting with John K--the amazing jazz guitarist from this group.  So fun!

Anyway, I know this is super meandering.  Just thank you for your help and prayers, and I figured it was time to update everyone again. 

Time to go make coconut milk, egg white, french toast. . .   I may need to buy a bread maker after this.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Broadway Baby, updates. . .

So Smash has been less than impressive, and is definitely for adults only, but the songs still make me smile.  Maybe I just want to be in a production. Vertigo, laryngitis, and everything. . .

The Workshop--sort of

A little more of the Workshop. . .

All why I would want to see this staged! :)

Here is the show I saw last night.

Ans this is the one I want to see this summer (though that will be in the Park with Amy Adams and Donna Murphy!

Good Christian Belles, though also adult only, also brings the musical laughs:

The Best ones from La Cheno recently--though she brings it every time. . .

I especially love an early one where she dedicated Jesus Take the Wheel to the widow of a man who died in a car crash. . . Horribly blasphemous, but really funny.

Side note: I am doing a gig soon--hold your calendar for June 9 at Bocci.  The TeaCups usual vocalist is busy, so they are getting a particular, soon-to-be-cancer-free, stand-in. Maybe I should get a hat. . . I'll need to talk to Roulette's Kara! :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've been jamming on the Civil Wars for some time now--when TV and reading makes you dizzy, the only thing you have left is randomly dancing (and not falling to the left) to various tunes. So, of course their Pandora Station (with some Weepies added), have made for delightful listening. This one makes me smile whenever I hear it.  So, get up and dance along.

And a little Florence. . .

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