Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As a singleton, sometimes you actually think this could be you (around 5:04). But then you laugh it off, and you know that somehow it won't be like that. Sadly, that isn't always how it happens. A good work friend of mine died this week. She got me through my first week of work and made my work-life a million times easier for many years until she retired a bit ago. My heart breaks because no one knew. She lived alone, and they think she had been gone for days and nobody knew.

I am heartbroken. Not to be trivial, but even the ever-cheerful Glee didn't help this week. Though this song's melancholy helps a little. There are no words. None. So sad.

Thanks, Sandra, for being my friend. I won't forget you.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Doctor Visits

Many of you know I am so done with Doctors! Well, there is one I cannot get enough of. And I finally got to see him (Bless you, Ruth--and curse you undependable Time Warner Cable--why on earth do you just drop one channel???).

I laughed. I cried. I screamed (kind of out-of-body experience for that one), and I cheered. I cheered a lot. I thought the bow tie was going to bug. But no--"Bow ties are cool!"

At the same time, Ruthie also created a junkie. I cannot seem to get enough of this song. It has been running through my head (pardon the pun) since she played it for me. . . Happy Doctoring!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Julia Sugarbaker forever!

Dixie Cater passed away this weekend at the age of 70. My heart breaks! I think I have watched nearly every episode of Designing Women in reruns. And I am pretty sure that the reason B is an Interior Designer (and Southern Belle hopeful) is because of the women of Sugarbakers.

As Julia, Dixie Carter was gorgeous, commanding, and a spitfire--everything a Ruch woman aspires to. Dixie did many other things and was an amazing individual, but I will always remember her like this:

Thank you, Dixie, for sharing Julia with all of us.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello Again

Will I be having a viewing party? Will I be singing along? Do you really need to ask?

Wanna come? Can. Not. Wait.

Signs of Reality

I haven't signed in ages, but I love stories like this--where you are given a glimpse at someone's life so profoundly different from yours. I agree with the writer at NPR who is shocked that it isn't on TV yet. We can have the testament to sterilization that is Jersey Shore and (sorry, Ari) 16 and Pregnant, but this show isn't TV worthy? That seems wrong!

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