Monday, November 10, 2014

Catching you up

Things that have happened since our Two Month Anniversary (Oct. 19):
Funny pictures from M
Third weird fortune

  • A few cute little bugs drew some funny pictures.
  • We went out for Chinese--again. 
  • Bonfire in Wilson--where random friends snapped surreptitious pictures of us and we snuggled under a blanket
  • He surprised me by showing up at a Doctor Who brunch (and watched 4 episodes despite not being a super-fan, while I fan-girled with one of my former seminary students)
  • He came and stayed for conference--we even watched the Priesthood session and did a puzzle
  • We had brunch with the family in my ward that has pretty much adopted me. Four-year-old H's prayer: "Thank you that we love Jesus...Thank you that Sister Ruch and her boyfriend could come..."
  • An 11-year-old snapped a quick picture from behind--though her Mom got one facing forward which I have yet to see.
  • I went to Kinston for the Weekend.
  • We did a session at the Raleigh Temple
  • Lots of dancing at the Kinston Harvest Ball
  • I karaoked Midnight Train to Georgia, while N and his Mom and Dad were the pips. 
  • Met his ward again. 
  • His teachers (teenage boys from 14-16) voted on our relationship and next steps
  • For his birthday (and mine) I got us UNC Football tickets, and we watched a tight game kissing when we scored, and snuggling the TarHeels to a win. 
  • M snapping pictures
  • A Sunday that didn't quit--Stake Conference, Stake Singles Lunch, NCSSM Choir & Orchestra Concert, and a little Birthday get together.
Not asleep during the Priesthood Session--really. . . 
That gets you to October 19. More to come. . .

Our Conference Puzzle
Ready for the Havest Ball--mostly so he can sing Lady in Red while we dance. . . 
Go Heels!

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