Monday, March 23, 2015

A proposal

It's funny, N has proposed at least three times.

There was a late night decision that this is where we are headed, but we decided to wait until there was a ring to tell anyone. The next day I showed up at EC's house, and took some of her kids with me to church.

She leaned forward right before the meeting started, and whispered, "You know, when you showed up at my house today, I thought it was to tell me you were engaged." My eyes got big, and she gasped, and I said, "later."

So, E was one of the first to know. There were a few others.

He officially asked the Sunday before Christmas when we realized that the next weekend was the first weekend since we met that we weren't spending any time together. He got all schmoopy and romantic, and I will spare your sensibilities.

Around Christmas he couldn't keep it a secret any more. I, however was still pretty closed-lipped. Though slowly, I found out the people he had spilled to--finally, realizing that my ward's Elders' quorum found out before half my friends in the ward. Sigh...

We also spent a lovely Sunday evening at the American Tobacco Campus, and at the top of the waterfall, I turned around to find him on one knee.

Finally, his wonderfully-designed ring finally came in; rose gold and sapphire, and I adore it. Like a mint on the pillow after a long, hard week, he still couldn't keep it a secret any longer.

Funny enough, I'm going to be a June bride (It's highly cheesy, so here is your warning before you hit play). If you want an invitation, email me. It's been many years coming, but as one lovely song puts it, "It don't matter now, loves always on time."

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