Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Car Smell

Okay, cats and kittens, I need help!  I bought a new car on Tuesday, and after driving it all the way down to NC, I need to give it a name.  First, here is the car.

Second--it's polling time!  Help me choose a name, and I will send you some Andes Mint Chocolate Crinkles--they are still soft after they have been frozen.  Go to!

T's car should be named:
Ande - for Andes Mints
MCC - for Mint Chocolate Chip (That is B's but it sounds like an 80's old school rapper)
Scout - for Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints (but technically is the nickname of A, J and E's cutie little girl)
Grasshopper - for grasshopper cookies
Bonny Lass - B's is the sexy Lexi (It's a Lexus), so that is the Irish version (Irish coffee is minty!).
Other--post in the comments.

Results - get your free poll

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Broad Street Postponed

Due to extreme exhaustion.  And the fact that getting my car took longer than anticipated.  But now there is a mint green Prius parked outside. Yay for reliable transportation!

Monday, December 19, 2011


ETA: Cancelled until Jan.

Pencil in December 28th.  I have to be back that day for work.  And that evening, I will be Broad Streeting it again.  8pm open mic--here are the things we are thinking of . . .

See you there! Or not.  Happy Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

All of Me. . . Broad Street Redux

Remember the guitarist I talked about last time?  The one with the Jazz band I would love to join? We started an email conversation, and long story short, he said "Let's jam together on the 14th."  So last night I did this. . .

and this

Sorry, they are taken with B's IPhone, so not the best video quality, but you get the picture.  Also, it is a cafe, so you can hear people eating and drinking and chatting in the background.  Because it was an open mic, John said we didn't need to practice--so this is us playing together for the first time ever.  Good thing he is amazing.

KdeW-H came (she gives the best hugs) and some work and non-work friends, too--so I feel like a good time was had by all. We may even do it again.  My favorite comment by a random woman at Broad Street was that I really light up when I am on stage.  I will admit, I'd love to light it up more often.  Many thanks to all who made it or who sent good vibes my way!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Mariah

I have a lovely friend, and when she comes to visit, we watch fun ABC Family movies, or cheesy (but not skanky) Lifetime movies.  In fact, when we watched this recently, we thought our friend MJ, would totally love it!

Anyway, MJ, recently made a video for a cover contest she is entering, and she needs as many hits as possible by the end of the month to win.  So, if you have a chance, take a listen.  And if you like it, pass it on to other friends.  Good luck, MJ (and EL, GC, and LT)!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The stars haven't completely lost their glitter. . .

Last night I did a Broad Street Open mic, and I think it went well. Here were my songs (in their original format, not in mine):

They both went well--it is so awesome when you watch your audience respond favorably to you. There was this woman jamming with me at every step. And I even got the group to clap to the beat to Put the Blame on Mame.  It was just glorified karaoke, but it was fun.

Other things that happened:

  • Though sitting all alone, I was approached by a few other players who have noted my two other appearances, so it was nice to be known.
  • Being known meant the guy next to me sat and talked my ear off because he assumed I was good if they cared enough to come talk to me. He actually made the wait to perform fun, but it was an interesting evening. 
  • The cute older guy next to me on the other side (who had a gorgeously-toned tiny guitar) waited around an extra hour and a half to hear me! Which is a pretty sweet compliment considering he may have only seen me twice before.
  • The sound guy and half the wait staff came up to tell me I was awesome. 
  • A random person asked me if I would give her singing lessons (not sure how that would work).
  • I nearly joined a band (of two old men--I would be their fiddle player) who totally play porch music (a banjo player and guitarist). We'll see if that happens. 
  • I'd love to join the bad of Tea Cup Gin, as the guitarist is amazing (Love their cover of Lover Man)! He played a base line with a separate melody all the while modulating through a host of Christmas tunes. Gorgeous! 

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