Monday, September 29, 2008

Catching up on life. . . Or, limited brainspace, sorry.

Life has been a little crazy of late and is set to be even more crazy until the end of August, but it was killing me that I hadn't blogged in forever. So, here is what has kept my brain a little full (this first section was written on 7/13):

  • June 14th: The Komen Race for the cure (5k). My original goal was $100. Due to the generosity of my family, friends, and coworkers, I raised $325. Britt, who also participated, raised $95 (It was nearly $100, and for a ulcer-stricken moment it was $595). Sunni, Marti, Melinda, Jen Jackson and many others joined us. . . I walked it--so not a runner. I also got some kind of nasty pollen in my eye, and my eye swelled shut the next day. Only I could go to a race and have my eye swell. I am extremely talented.
  • June 20-23rd: B's Birthday Weekend Extravaganza. Somehow, I kept the big surprise a secret, though I had to tell a white lie to do it. B cleaned her room late into the night Thursday because a little birdie told her that some people were going to come decorate her room. Friday, her 23rd birthday loomed, and she hated me for her lack of sleep. Later that evening, decorating for our big to-do, my dear, sweet sister and I, with a huge cart of plants at home depot, ran into her surprise! And boy was it (check out K's facebook photos). Our indoor garden party, with shades of jazz and F. Scott Fitzgerald, was a success (I loved the tiny plastic "shot glasses" we found for the various mocktails I mixed). B also loved her weekend with K, her sister-designer and best friend (really, she took a quiz to prove it--how Brad tied with her, I'll never know). Yay for K! And for sisters who cry and jump up and down in the middle of Home Depot!
  • June 27-28: The Ruch Sisters (and the younger North Carolina Luke Sister) enjoyed the Biltmore in Asheville for the first time. We were tired and a little wet by the end, but it was very fun. I don't think I will ever forget running through the rain to the greenhouse down the center of the gardens. If people have lived in the Wal-mart and in the Harvard Library, maybe I can find a way to surreptitiously live in the Biltmore. It was opulent and gorgeous. Also, the road trip was delightful. Although, Miss Jen may have thought the Sisters Ruch were crazy by the end.
  • July 4th: Rainy and lovely. Cook outs and High School Musical. Fun, though odd evening. Sadly, no patriotic songs made Brittany cry this year, and that made me sad.
  • July 9-10th: Consultants in at Work, killer work week, grew to love Foster's Market for their ease in catering and their mouth-watering BLT Chicken Caesar wrap. Mmm-mmm
  • July 17th: First Annual Development Associates Retreat. T's baby. Again, exhaustion at the end of the week. But success!!! Yay!
  • July 24-25th: Development Officer Retreat. Lots of interesting information and fun social settings. Next year, if it is held there (cross your fingers), I'm going early for the spa. Check it out! We had gorgeous views and a gigantic flat-screen. Diane and I had fun being roomies.
  • July 30-31st: Development Orientation. Kill me now.
  • August 5-8th: More consultants, crazy, busy, lovely stuff. Thank goodness, again, for Foster's! Also, the fact that I didn't have to provide name tags. And the fact that the consultant who worked with me on all the planning had a lovely British accent (that can make up for a lot of things. . .). Though, please, if someone asks you for an RSVP, please RSVP! Grr. . . Also, ED was on vacation, so with the boss away, it was supposed to be a slow week! Not so much.
  • August 8-18th: the littlest Ruch came for a visit. We had zany, wacky fun, and I am not sure if Sean did much besides catch up on sleep and think that we have parties all the time. Hello--it was the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance (known from now on in this blog as SYTYCD--Joshua won. I am okay with that, I am a little upset that Chelsie and Mark were not in the finale as competitors. Sigh. . . and growl. Sorry, tangent done)! Sean had cooking lessons, party planning lessons, laundry lessons, TV etiquette lessons, and a speeding ticket. Poor thing. . . Oh, and an odd Puppet Show which was actually pretty awesome. Thanks, ED!
  • August 22-23rd: I chopped off 4 inches of my hair, and dyed it red. ED thinks I look like the best redhead who wasn't born a redhead. I will admit I do look cute. I am working on getting a picture up.
  • August 24th: Introduction Sunday. I brought treats (healthy!). I am forever loved due to my Mom-ness. Well, at least by those sitting in my row. Also, one Elder will never forget the sight of craisins coming for his head. Poor thing.
  • August 26th: Chinese and Brideshead Revisited. Though lushly shot, they didn't utilize their cast as they could have. I think that this one would have been better as a mini-series (which it technically was first). I believe though, that Abby won the Matthew Goode is my boyfriend contest. I just want to go to Venice now. Anyone know of any job postings there?
  • August 29th: Shopping Spree with ED! So fun! Lots of cute new clothes. I needed them a lot! Okay, maybe I can't leave my job yet.
  • August 29th-September 1st: Needed a break. Watched Austen movies and was ill all weekend. I couldn't shake the posh Austen accent for days. Poor B. I kind of broke it at April's birthday party! Weird to think that a year ago we had been partying it up for a week in Florida. Crazy.
  • September 6th: April's Belated Birthday with Crumpets, Blueberry Lemonade, the Sisters Millett, Dixie, Jen, Ruth, the Sisters Ruch, and North and South. Though Ruth and I have had our fights, Richard Armitage gets to be mine (well, at least as John Thornton--she can have him as Guy of Gisborne--I learned to share in Primary)! Lovely.
  • My social calendar and brain went on Hiatus for most of September due to extreme exhaustion and a sinus infection. B and I were both down for the count. We even administered a lovely, narcotic-filled cough syrup to each other. It was the only reason we slept for days. I only had room for Burn Notice and Buffy (with Melinda).
  • September 18th: the return of the boys. . . How I love them. Mostly Dean.
  • September 19-21st: Kimberly Comes to Visit! T learns to cook without wheat, and Jen Jackson finally finds out what it is to be a Southern Woman (and the tragic tale of diabetes mixed with blush and bashful).
  • September 22nd: Marked the season premier of one of my appointment shows (and I fed the missionaries) and the beginning of my TiVo being extraordinarily full while I am crazy busy.
  • B finished the Lake House for the Italians this past week, and also today. Stunning, gorgeous, and functional (when she updates the pictures--probably Friday--I'll link to them).
  • Things I can't remember the date of: good-bye parties to beloved friends (Sunni, Meg, Suzanne--sob!); strawberry picking, jamming, and breadmaking; and a Chapel Hill Public Library book sale in there somewhere that I missed (but it was more for B, and kind-of odd because we were buying books for their covers--shudder). Oh, and hyperactive Olympic watching--though synchronized swimmers are enthralling. Also, go Men's Volleyball (ah, Sophomore year of college)!
  • Oh, and one more thing, an adorable Charlotte Lily entered the world.

And now you are up to date. . . T's summer in a nutshell. Those of you wanting to catch up should now know wayyy more than you ever wanted to know about my summer. Loves!


Karen (but sometimes Chris) said...

Thank you for blogging again. Oh, how I miss your musings and your laugh . . .

Anonymous said...

"Although, Miss Jen may have thought the Sisters Ruch were crazy by the end."

...aaaaaand, there was at one time some *doubt* about this??

Sorry for not emailing you back, James. I suck at corresponding. I'll get one off to you. Busy times.

luv ya

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