Monday, November 10, 2008

The side-show freak

Crazy things that have happened to me of late:

Girlie Issues--Boo!
30th Birthday--Yeah!
Kidney Stones--Sob!
Weird muscle issues---You don't want to know.

Sometimes my life is quite amusing, as in, "I think the Lord fulfills his sitcom needs with my life."

Things that have made it better:
  1. The Cake Wrecks Blog--Love it!
  2. Alias--sometimes you need the wigs! the beautiful Vaughn, the amazing Awesomeness of Jack Bristow, and the angelic-looking, twisted-evilness of Julian Sark.
  3. The Pear Square Event--Brittany got me to spend too much! But it was so worth it.
  4. Massage Envy--well, hopefully, today at 5:30.
  5. A clean kitchen and dreams of a gorgeous oven.
  6. Dinner with friends, bonfires, birthday parties, one-on-one Family History meetings, more than 3 people attending my Sunday School class, snarking, and singing in the car at the top of my lungs (also known as "My weekend in a nutshell").

Happy Monday!

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