Saturday, February 14, 2009

Movie Of the Week: On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

So, I've decided to do a movie of the week (We'll see if I can keep up that kind of blogging frequency; but I am kind of keeping up on my daily journal writing goal, so it could happen). The movies will probably will have no particular order but end up on the list due to the mood I am in that week, someone saying a line in passing which triggers that movie in my head, or my getting a song in my head relating to or from the movie.

This week: On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

Hypnosis, reincarnation, telepathy, relationship woes, crazy-fast gardening, trysting lovers, Academic Freedom, smoking-cessation help, 19th Century England, con-artist orphans, witchcraft trials, and so much more--wrapped up in a musical. Starring Barbra Streisand (with a cameo by an extremely young Jack Nicholson), it is a visual delight mixed with a kooky story, and the music is crazy addicting. Someday I will be doing a one-woman show of songs from this (admittedly silly) guilty-pleasure movie. . . among others.

The song that has haunted me all week though is "What did I have I don't have now." The inside of my car has had multiple performances. But almost all of the songs are really fun to sing/listen to:
  • "Hurry, It's Lovely Up Here," seen below, makes you want to dance amongst flowers on a gorgeous spring day.
  • "Love With All The Trimmings" is a sultry song that kind of makes you crave really good food topped off with a satisfying kiss.

  • "Go To Sleep" debates various types of love. Do you go for the one who may not be that into you but who makes your heart flutter, or do you go for the one who likes you a lot but you're not really sure about?

  • "He Isn't You" croons true love to a man you cannot have, not because he doesn't love you, but because you live in two different time periods. . . (Ridiculous, but oh-so-fun to sing).

  • "What Did I Have That I Don't Have?" frantically runs through the qualities that attracted him in the first place, wondering where they went and how you can get them back.

  • "Come Back To Me!" is a guy begging a girl to come back any way possible, my favorite line, "under drugs, under glass..." or "wrapped in mink or Saran, any way that you can--Come Back To Me!" Awesome.

If you have a moment, enjoy the extremely random opening scene to this bizarre yet lovable movie...

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