Tuesday, May 5, 2009

String 'em along with a Song

I love a good sad song. The kind that make you cry a little bit inside and allow your heart to bleed on occasion. But I also have a love of songs that snicker and wink, and ultimately tease the participants. On that note, some of my favorites that I get made fun of for adoring (as I have been on a musical kick, you can presume that these are pretty much all from musicals) are posted below--mostly so I have them all in one place:

  • Hello Dolly -- So Long Dearie

  • Viva Las Vegas -- The Lady Loves Me

  • Neptune's Daughter -- Baby, It's Cold Outside (It's partway through the trailer)

  • Thoroughly Modern Millie (the stage show) -- Forget About the Boy

  • Funny Girl -- You Are Woman, I am Man

  • Jupiter's Darling -- I Never Trust a Woman (Yep, It is a musical about Hannibal's march on Rome--with Elephants and everything)

  • Oklahoma -- I'm Just A Girl Who Can't Say No

  • On the Town -- Come Up to My Place (can't seem to find it, but leaving it here nonetheless).
  • Mary Poppins -- Sister Suffragette

  • My Fair Lady -- Without You

Also see the Bill and Lois clips from the Ann Miller post (from Kiss Me Kate).

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