Saturday, June 13, 2009

Breast In Show

So, I tried to put a team together for the Susan Komen Race for the Cure. Sadly, our Breast in Show team ended up being a team of two, but hey, Yay! for me and Taylor (and honorary member Lindy). You can still donate to my race page if you want!

As I got up at 5:30am to head out for the race, I wondered why on earth I would do this, but as we gathered with thousands of women (And men--wearing "I heart Boobies" T-shirts--LOVE it!), saw survivors, and walked together for this wonderful cause, you could truly feel how amazing (and moving) it really was.

My favorite T-shirt: "Stop the War on My Rack!" in camo with pink sleeves, and a pink ribbon in the middle of the wording. Awesome! Totally want one.

I have been thinking this week about the lovely women I have known with this and other forms of cancer. Some who have beat it, some who haven't, and those still fighting, and I am so very grateful and blessed that they are fighting for the rest of us. I feel so very blessed to walk for all those women and to celebrate every woman in my life. Please get checked early and often for breast cancer.

My other favorite T-shirt: "Fight like a girl." All the women in my life are smart, gorgeous, and powerful Wonder Women who can do anything. Maybe if we all fight like girls, we can truly beat this thing.

Loves to you all.


Tim & Alicia said...

Good for you, getting out there today!
I am going to see your Aunt tomorrow actually, she is coming for our Branch Conference and building dedication. I've been thinking about you all week, knowing that she is coming. You still heading back this way in Aug? When is that?

Jennifer Jackson said...

¨Stop the war on my rack¨... SO FUNNY. You had Jordan and I cracking up all the way over here in Colombia! I wish I could have been there to run with ya´ll! Definitely next year. We miss you lots.

Anonymous said...

That "Stop the War on My Rack!"
T shirt is a real good one, and so is the other one. My sister is a breast cancer survivor, so thanks for the plug.

It has been painful to see & hear of the struggle of High School classmates & ward members against cancer.

-Mike H.

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