Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beautiful Pictures

I've been on a photography kick lately. I think that now I am starting to feel like a person, the tiniest things are moving me (maybe I am just emotionally aware now I don't feel like my life is crap). I am especially drawn to the melancholic romantic vistas that make you catch your breath and feel just a bit wistful. These are not my pictures (I don't own a camera apart from my phone), but they have captivated me recently--mostly from here.

Architecture and weather. Weddings and celebrations. Food galore! Dancing and fashion. People and places. Maybe I am just dreaming of the places I'll go. . .

This entire post was luscious, but I could only put up so many and not look like I copied the entire thing! Make sure you click into it and zoom--each of the pictures is gorgeous on its own.

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