Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As a singleton, sometimes you actually think this could be you (around 5:04). But then you laugh it off, and you know that somehow it won't be like that. Sadly, that isn't always how it happens. A good work friend of mine died this week. She got me through my first week of work and made my work-life a million times easier for many years until she retired a bit ago. My heart breaks because no one knew. She lived alone, and they think she had been gone for days and nobody knew.

I am heartbroken. Not to be trivial, but even the ever-cheerful Glee didn't help this week. Though this song's melancholy helps a little. There are no words. None. So sad.

Thanks, Sandra, for being my friend. I won't forget you.

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Jess and Carl said...

Honey I'm so sorry to hear about your loss... :( That breaks my heart and I don't even know your beloved lost friend. I agree Glee wasn't much help in the happiness mode last week and I hope this week it picks it up again, but the song is beautiful. I hope the twins and I get to see you soon.

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