Thursday, July 22, 2010

Face Time and much more!

We walked the exhibition hall for a while, taking pictures of random things on the floor.  As you can see if you check out my picasa pictures.  Then we waited in line for ballroom 20 (where I will live most of the days).

Amanda Arrived! We were both worried it would take her a while to get here, and I opened the door to the maid screaming, "Yay!!!"  But we made it! We got checked in, grabbed the wrong WB complimentary bag (Looney Tunes, really?), and were soon heading toward autographs.

I met Dirk Benedict (Face from the A-Team, the original Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica)! He signed a photo of the A-Team. (It is a horrific picture, and when I have recently commented that my dye job went arwy, you can see the proof--it matches the Wonder Woman pin I have on--argh.)  But I am standing next to him.  He was nice, but a wee bit curmudgeon-y--it was his first (and probably last) time at comic-con.  He said there were too many people.  It is pretty crowded.

Burn Notice (Bruce Campbell is hysterical), White Collar (I heart Mozzy!), and Psych (Tears for Fears Cameo by Kurt Smith--singing Shout with Shawn and Gus!).  Then we were off to a British Sci-Fi panel discussion on British fiction in the comic book, TV, and literary worlds (there were writers from Doctor Who and Being Human there).

We ended up at the EW & CBS fandemonium party where I met Ausiello who I have been following since 2002 when he was with TV Guide!

After drinks and the first real food we had all day, and a pretty nifty goodie bag, we headed back to the Con to see if we could get in to the Doctor Who/Being Human screening.  Sadly, not.  But the cast walked right behind us to go into the room.  They were all together like a tiny army getting ready to take on a hoard of scary people. . . which I guess is true.

Random moments:

  • I ran into 3 people I was on the shuttle with.  One in costume!  Out of 150,000 people, how do you do that??? And they weren't all together in a party, they were random single individuals.  
  • I got my Doctor Who bag without being trampled this year and was able to grab one for Ruth!
  • Somehow we were easily able to get the Comic-Con Special Edition TV guide with the collectable covers.  I'm pretty sure Melinda is going to be ecstatic! 
Well, we'll see you tomorrow! 

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