Thursday, November 25, 2010


Frog-eye salad
Paper plates
A Sister who has inherited her dad's need (and means) to procrastinate.
Remembering the stories behind our platters--or what we have served on them the most
A little lady butter dish that Dawna Larsen would covet 
Catching up on my tv shows
Clean clothes*
A good book or a bunch of them
Fairy Tales
The prospect of many days off
Sleeping in (even if it is only 8 am)
Cooking for a bunch of people
Cyber Monday
Seeing someone you are excited to see
Playing games
Being surrounded by amazing people--and longing for others
Contemplating who will be visiting soon
Deciding where to put the Christmas tree in a few days.

"The Ru Sisters have a problem with scale." 
"We just have generous hearts."
"But we are broke."

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

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