Sunday, June 26, 2011

Miracle of miracles

Many thanks and bless you to all well wishers and battle of the bands attendees. I didn't chicken out--and I didn't throw up due to nerves (though I was close).  I did, however, flub my whole fiddle section on Wagon Wheel due to not being able to read the music, but we did okay (not that you could hear yourself at all--you just had to have faith).  Jolene helped us into the second round.  And then our mash-up was delightful (we're thinking of recording it--if we do, I'll post it here).  My favorite, though, was our encore (after we won!).  We got up everyone who knew Wagon Wheel (four guitars, a bunch of singers, and me on fiddle), and we all just sang to our hearts' content.  Perfection.

Anyway, thank you!  The various texts and love were just what I needed.

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Karen (but sometimes Chris) said...

Way to go T! I wish I could've been there to hear your return performance. Did you do a little jig while playing?

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