Friday, April 20, 2012

Broadway Baby, updates. . .

So Smash has been less than impressive, and is definitely for adults only, but the songs still make me smile.  Maybe I just want to be in a production. Vertigo, laryngitis, and everything. . .

The Workshop--sort of

A little more of the Workshop. . .

All why I would want to see this staged! :)

Here is the show I saw last night.

Ans this is the one I want to see this summer (though that will be in the Park with Amy Adams and Donna Murphy!

Good Christian Belles, though also adult only, also brings the musical laughs:

The Best ones from La Cheno recently--though she brings it every time. . .

I especially love an early one where she dedicated Jesus Take the Wheel to the widow of a man who died in a car crash. . . Horribly blasphemous, but really funny.

Side note: I am doing a gig soon--hold your calendar for June 9 at Bocci.  The TeaCups usual vocalist is busy, so they are getting a particular, soon-to-be-cancer-free, stand-in. Maybe I should get a hat. . . I'll need to talk to Roulette's Kara! :)

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