Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Go Fish

Today was Luke 5-6. We started with the tale of Simon (called Peter) and his boats. In verse 10, the fishing expedition is explained, "Fear Not, from henceforth thou shalt catch men."

So then we gathered around the little 2'x2' table I use as a desk, and the six of us played Go Fish (black 5 to black five, red King to Red King, etc). A-5, a blessing out of chapter 6 (sermon on the mount) that will help you find men for The Lord, 6-10, a warning of the type of people you should avoid becoming (the "woe" verses), J-K and the Jokers, a parable or analogy from Christ that will help you teach or support the people you will encounter (near the end of 6). And we discussed what they meant.

And then I sent them out to be fishers of men to find those searching for his truth.

Sometimes they are hard to read, but sometimes they will surprise you with an almost involuntary, "this is fun!"

It was. I could have played for much longer.

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