Monday, July 8, 2013

An ode to a bumble bee

A tizzy tempest in the house.
Buzzing wildly but from where?
Stuck in the window?
Bumping against the bathroom mirr'r?
Screeching throughout the house.
To be found nowhere.

Giving up, head for the couch, relax into--
Stabbing pain, tiny swords from somewhere near.
Low light, jump up, search for the source.
Wretched agony. Giant bumble. Quarter-sized, maybe bigger.

Death to the creepy crawly. Stuck me twice.
Not remembered since summers at twelve, massive pain--sore and rare.
Stupid fuzzy bug, now I have two giant welts.
One the size and shape of a pear
Upon my derriere.


seashmore said...

Ouch! I've totally had that happen to me. (One flew up my shorts while I was standing up and pedaling my bicycle.)

Karen (but sometimes Chris) said...

Is it bad to say I LOVE this?
Need me to come over and kiss your butt?

tkangaroo said...

It really hurt for days. And I still have a bruise. Sigh. . .

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