Monday, October 14, 2013

We used to play the same pizza-parlor pinball

Went with B to Vienna Teng on Saturday night, and it was amazing. Emerson Hart opened for her, and he was fantastic, too (I was able to re-live this high school moment--oddly, I still remember all the lyrics perfectly).

My friend S introduced me to her shortly after I moved to NC--over 10 years ago now. I mistakenly thought she was from North Carolina, due to a line in the only song that I really wanted her to play.

And when she played it, I was supremely happy. But all the songs she played were an experience. I've been meaning to see her in person for years, and I am extremely glad I did. If only for a few of these:

And my favorite Encore which was amazing live:

I am definitely going to have to see her again. It was so worth it.

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