Monday, May 19, 2008

Starting your own bluegrass band. . .

Tuesday, May 13, 9ish pm, American Idol Randomness in the background, Lounging on the couch—brain cells switched to the off position.

"So, um, are you going to that Battle of the Bands thing?"
"The one on Saturday?”
“Probably not. I wanted to get a band together, but. . . meh.”
“We totally should.”
“Oh, come on. I’ll bring my violin over on Thursday and we’ll work something out.”
“I think you overestimate my guitar skills—it has been a long time.”

Thursday, May 15th, 5:30ish, driving home from a long day at work. . .

“Hey, you don’t happen to want to give me guitar lessons so I can play on Saturday do you?” Please say no; Please say no. . .
“Sure. You would have to pick me up.”
“Um. . . I’ll see you in 10 minutes?”

Same day, 9ish

“I can’t really practice. They are going to call me into surgery shortly.”
“Saving a life is much more important. We so do not have to do this.”
“We are doing this.”

Friday, May 16th, 6ish

“I’m coming over.”
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“We are so doing this.”
“How was surgery?”

Saturday, May 17th, 11:30 pm

“Not quite sure how we did that.”
“I know!”
“I am kind of sad we didn’t get to play our third song.”

And so, Chicks with Strings was born. . . and have now changed their name to Suz Y Roos. Welcome to my crazy life.


sunni said...

You girls were amazing! I'm so impressed with your guitar and vocal skills--you totally pulled it together. I think we need to make buttons with your new name on them.

ashes said...

Suz Y Roos I LOVE you!

Don & Tess said...

ok, must post audio now...I'll even say please.

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