Tuesday, October 7, 2008



She's inspired me. Maybe we should have a funky canning party. . . I'm not sure what we should can, but what is better than a fun food storage party, while also eating locally, and having fun with friends? Making freezer jam earlier this summer, I thought of those hours spent with my mother and grandmother canning anything and everything.

Days of picking then coring apples. Strapping on the special raspberry-jar aprons that would hold two large mason jars if you squeezed them in just right. Running your hands over the raised "Mason" while sweating in the hot, July sun. The color of fresh berries sparkling in the jar; the stain of reds and purples soaking into your skin--not quite washing out at the end of the day.

Shucking corn in the garage while singing random songs with your siblings, continually trying to brush off the white-blond hairs that match your siblings' in color if not in texture. Taking a jar of the best hot sauce ever to a neighbor. Sneaking almost-ripe grapes from the vine, wishing for the fruity burst to be sweeter, eyes scrunching as the too-tart, yet sticky-sweet juices mingle in your mouth. Hoping mom won't notice as you sneak a slice of pear off the cutting board, snapping beans becoming more muscle memory than work, or "accidentally" losing the fresh peas in your mouth.

I think making freezer jam is fun, but who has room in their freezer? I love how she describes the color-filled jars. It reminds me of my grandmother, and my mother, and countless women who have come before me. Yep. I don't have room for a garden, but it may be time for a canning party. I even have special shelves for it. Anybody interested?


Tim & Alicia said...

I love that you blog!
Salsa is a staple at our house and I've done 3 rounds of it all by myself. I want to come to your canning party!!

Karen (but sometimes Chris) said...

T- You need to come out here and teach me to can. And teach me to garden. And teach Ally to sing. Love you!

sunni said...

Ever since reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle this summer I have been wanting to do some canning...I even braved the WalMart to try and get some canning supplies. Unfortunately they didn't have any...but I did get to do some canning with my parents this summer. I think this is a brilliant idea!

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