Monday, October 6, 2008

Latest bloggernacle addictions. . . (In no particular order)

Yes, ever since Abby introduced me to Google Reader, I have been addicted. Crazily so, but I feel so much more informed these days. And I can gloss over anything I am not in the mood for (and thus live in my happy, little bubble).

Every so often, I get on a Mormon blog kick. Happy Monday and welcome to the bloggernacle.

Reveling in sisterhood: - Sometimes it is awash in the shifting waters of feminism, other times it is advice asked for, given, and shared from a loving sister or mom, and sometimes it is just a beautiful celebration of sisterhood. Recently they have had an non-Mormon guest-writer post about why she loves reading it despite not being one of that faith and an in-depth discussion of Sister Dalton's talk at conference and the connotations of the word virtue, but nothing is as poignant as this moment where a sister shares her heartache, and hundreds of sisters across the globe mourn with one who mourns.

Catching up with the Mormon World: - Some interesting articles that keep me up to date with the church in Utah, which leads me to. . .

Catching up with the Mormon blog World: - I enjoy randomly reading Mormon blogs around the world. Seeing someone else's faithful perspective is always interesting. They comment on everything from the most recent Sunday School Lessons, Family History updates, church press releases, to a general listing of a bunch of blogs encompassing a faithful perspective of the world we live in. It is nice to know you are not always alone in how you perceive things, and that not everyone acts like they belong in a seminary video. . .

Sometimes a little too close to home: - The writer has an interesting way of lampooning people I have actually met. But sometimes the way those people act actually rubs me a little wrong, and I end up seething after I read the blog. Though, where else can you automatically hear David Archeleta and vote on whether President Uchtdorf is a "wrinkle-free babe?!?" Sometimes I want to stop. I really should, but I am not sure I can.

Cooking with the Mos: - It isn't all funeral potatoes (though he does touch on them) and jello salad. Though I wept through his peanut butter phase (Sadly, I am recently--okay 6 years now--allergic), I can't wait to try the Eggs Benedict recipe.

Mormon in the City: - Though I didn't know her well when she left NC, I feel like I have gotten to know New York better (as well as the author) by reading her blog. I love her recent catalog of churches in her neighborhood.

A completely different perspective: - Being neither male nor married makes me completely the opposite of this fellow, but he has some amusing insights. From Western NC (so, he does have some perspective I get) this fellow comments on missions, Twilight, and baby namings, and yet, I am amused. His Twilight Rap is just weird, but the baby namings game was fun (and somewhat truthful), and one of his sponsors "HusbandHero" just makes me laugh. Ingenious--I wish I had thought of it first!

Mormons at the movies: - Eric is a movie critic who just happens to be Mormon. I enjoy his little comments at the end of each review as to why a specific movie got which rating. I really enjoy his really bad movie reviews (Yeah, Fridays!), but I adore Snide Remarks due to the college nostalgia (though this Monday's was not as good as it usually is).

Quick tidbits to make you snicker, when you don't have time for a full blog: - Kind of a twitter of Mormon blogs, you can revel in a small tidbit of things you may have almost encountered in your own ward. I spent a lunch hour one day going back through and laughing until I cried. Fun stuff.

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