Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jet Setting

Every so often I think how nice it would be to be married--settled, a permanent date for Friday night who I am diabetically in love with, a couple of kids running round. . . Then I have a week like this one, where I am making plans to travel, or dropping everything to road trip with a friend (on the weekend); and I am grateful to be single, with no strings, and no massive obligations to anyone (except the state of North Carolina, but only from 7:30-4:30, M-F).

FYI: B and I will totally bunk together if anyone wants to come for a visit. Seriously. It isn't hard. Book your flight now. A few flights to and from RDU have been relatively cheap lately, and we would love to see you! You, too, can feel footloose and fancy free!

P.S. Miss ABC is coming for my birthday, and I cannot wait!

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