Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beautiful Movement

Last night as B and I walked across a wet lonely sidewalk to the car, I couldn't help but be grateful for music and dance. Even this morning, as I ambled across the rain-drenched parking lot, I thought, I could leap across this much prettier. . . Great dance makes you want to join in.

B & her lovely boss received an invitation to watch the dress rehearsal of the Carolina Ballet's newest performance. At the last minute (and I mean very last), Miss Judy had to bow out (stupid sinus infection/cold/please-don't-be-swine-flu), and I was the lucky beneficiary.

What we saw was gorgeous. The first piece was okay, but I felt no emotional connection to the piece at all. The second piece was beautifully done, and they just got better from there. The stand out was by far the final act. A full mini-ballet set to newly commissioned music that used the paintings of Picasso as their inspiration. Gorgeous! Now just to go see the exhibit at the Nasher when Amanda comes. . .

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