Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Glee of the Week

You knew I was going to cave and do this. We'll start back at the beginning of the second half of the season and go on week by week from now. When they time out on Hulu, I'll link to YouTube, maybe.

Bad Reputation (Last Night): I adored Rachel's video just because it was silly and over to top. But when they took one of my Karaoke staples and did that, I was hooked. Love. it. I still think Jesse is up to something (and he only is named that so Finn can sing Rick Springfield), but he seemed genuinely upset. It's a struggle.

Home: Yep, I already posted this. I don't care. It is gorgeous. A House is not a Home is from her current Broadway Show (Promises, Promises) with Sean Hayes.

The Power of Madonna: Like a prayer is probably one of my favorite Madonna songs of all time, but I think my favorite was the fact that they finally let Kurt and Mercedes have their own song.

Hello: So, I enjoyed a lot of these, but this was my favorite. His comment about "impromptu concerts for the homeless" made me love him.

Sectionals: I loved a ton of these, but my favorite were all call-backs to other songs via the choreography.

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