Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Glee of the Week (6/1/10)

Again, not my favorite episode. I even struggled with a favorite song this week. Though the cheerios losing it was probably a highlight (mostly Brit). And Kurt at the end of the Cheerios competition (14 minute Celine Dion medley in French--awesome!).

Will was mean. Jesse was evil. (I did enjoy watching the boys gang up to go stand up for Rachel--even Kurt!) But the pregnant dancing? Awkward (Christina Aguilera did it much better). The return of psychotic Terry? "Special" (poor Howard). The Will and Sue-ness--Gross! How are these people role models for kids???

The Glee of the Week, thanks to Puck and Finn's rampant vandalism (26 Range Rovers?!?):

Weigh in on the weirdness of this. Is it just that it seems so fakey fake that bugs me? Help a girl out.

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