Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glee of the week (5/25)

So, Glee is very hot and cold for me. I LOVE the music, but sometimes I just want them off their soap box. And I want them to get better writers for the dramatic scenes so they don't play like a bad after-school special. I know it is a lot to ask, but it is driving me crazy. Also, note to the writers--a bunch of tweens watch your show! Do they (and we) need to see bizarrely sexual (Ewww!-inducing) moments between the teachers? Come on!

Also, lets have a pact that you will do music that actually has a point (though they sounded great--Ryan Murphy stop taking my eternal dibs songs!--the first not the second--high school nickname). Not just because you have the rights to it or are trying to kiss up to the artist. And though I like Puck's singing voice, I really feel like they shoehorned this in.

My favorite musical number:

After making fun of the actual lobster for months, I didn't realize I could love it. I kind of do now--what does that mean? Now if they can keep themselves from overusing Brit Brit and wearing down her charm, we'll be great. I also enjoyed the twilight/goth story line--so funny.

In response to the first moment, while I was laughing and rewinding, this was my living room:

B: You know, Twilight? Edward? Doesn't your sister read them?
C: Do I look stupid?
B: Sometimes?

All of the previous aside, my heart hurts that there are only 2 episodes left. Random note: how awesome is it that the last episode is entitled Journey? It is weird to think we started on this crazy road more than a year ago. . .

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