Sunday, September 26, 2010

Teaching the Valiant 8/9 class: part singing

This week we had Naaman and Elisha.  So we wrote our own verse to Follow the Prophet:

Naaman was a leper, wanted to be clean.
Went unto the prophet, but would not be seen.
Elisha the prophet told him to obey,
"Wash in Jordan seven times, and you'll be clean today!"

Okay, it is harder than it looks.  Here were my practice ones:

Elijah the prophet, sent to cause a drought
Israel would know their God without a doubt
Prophet of the Lord or Prophet of Baal?
They knew the true prophet when rain began to fall.

Joseph was a young boy, but he was confused.
Reading in the scriptures, he knew just what to do.
If we want the truth, all we need to do is pray!
That's what Joseph learned in the Sacred Grove that day.

Abinadi the prophet, testified of truth
Though they tried to take him, he would not be moved.
Through his testimony, Alma saw the light.
He and the good people fled into the night.

I also learned that surprises should probably wait until the end of the lesson (the glow-in-the-dark bracelets, though a hit, also were incredibly distracting).  They were a big hit (thanks, Thells!), but oh heavens.  Though I am pretty sure half of the primary thinks I'm really cool now, so that is a plus.

I also got my primary program CD.  I feel silly in Primary half the time because I am half a second behind as I have no idea what most of the words are.  It has been playing on a loop in my car since yesterday's church.  If I never get Follow the Prophet out of my head, it is my own darn fault!

I'll introduce the boys next week as we won't have class.

P.S.  You should try to write one yourself in the comments.  There are a ton of prophets that haven't even been touched upon.

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