Sunday, May 29, 2011

Movie, anyone?

For anyone who knows me, they know that I am a little bit of a nerd.  I'm a pop culture junky, I have been to Comic-Con, twice, and Abed from community and I would get along a little too well. In the summer of 2000, I dragged a little 10-year-old to a PG-13 movie because I didn't know who else would go with me to an oddly-named, comic-book movie.  My little brother and I sat in that little theater in Normal, IL with maybe 20 other guys.  There was not a single other female in the place.  And yet it ended up doing okay for itself (4th highest grossing movie of the year).  

This next weekend (June 3), another sequel comes out (technically a prequel), and I am giddy as a school girl once more, though really sad that my buddy won't be off his mission for another few months (His Mission! I am getting old). 

Anyone who wants to join me, I am thinking Wynnsong, 4:15, Saturday.    

ETA: Super good.  LOVED the cameos.  Two gorgeous leads, and a gorgeous cameo.  Perfection! 

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