Monday, November 7, 2011

Gimme Gimme. . . an update?

House of Ru, Dessert Party Style
So, this summer has been a musical one.  In late June, I won the battle of the bands with my little Blue Grass Band, Rue Johnson (someday that video--which isn't great, but is fun) will go up.  We followed it up with a couple open mic nights at Broad Street Cafe and an impromptu porch performance at my friend Elizabeth's house (see the porch in question on my fourth of July post). I even have a couple groupies--thank you JK and EC (and D, Ash-es, CS, LL, S.Roux, CC, CC's friend, Marty's friend, LC, MC, BC, and B)!

Then my friend J studied for the bar (and I made him watch all of Firefly--as you should no matter who you are) as a break from taking it.  And then B and I celebrated his passing it with deliciousness from Guglehupf--and I found out that sweet corn ice cream is AMAZING! And then we lost our wing man because he moved away.

Lindy deployed to Afghanistan, and though she had been in Ohio, it felt like she was even farther now (which she is), though we are planning Hershey in the spring when she gets back.  And she is looking for a cute Brit for me--as she is embedded with the Marines and the Brits. Though, personally, I would take either--a marine or a Brit, though of course, I prefer the Brits. Though, again, not picky. . .  

Then we picked up Boojie (B's nickname, not mine) from Montana.  And B, Sug (my nickname--the Southern pronunciation), and I rode a horse (more pictures coming up from that).  And we met my Daddy's high school friend (I LOVED his ranch), and we met a lot of good people.  And I got to have a small moment in Bear Lake, which will always have my heart.

I had a delightful birthday with so many friends visiting (Pants! J! Scout and the Wades!--which should totally be a band name--and sooo many others).  And a sweet oatmeal pancake breakfast and some Just Dance 2 with one of my favorite families. . .

I swear I dance better than this. . .

And then Halloween--which is a post all its own.  Seriously, it will go up shortly. . .

And finally, I got to be a little theatrical at our Church talent show (Stake-wide).  Realize I performed this after I performed with a large choir, where we went totally Southern-Revival-meeting with guitars and tambourines, and call-outs and everything.  I wish I had video of that.  I hate watching myself; but since most people said I did an awesome job, I think I am going to let you critique it (and I'll just cringe in the corner).

I even got a rose from one of my primary kids.  And all of my little girls that I teach came up to tell me that I did a good job--and my favorite story came from the Mom of a present primary kid and a former primary kid--in her words:

'[T]hey both agreed that when they grow up they want to be a mixture of Selena Gomez (their fav Disney actress/singer) and Sis. [Ru].  I told them that was so sweet and asked why those two people...they said, "Well, Selena is famous and Sis. [Ru] has the most beautiful voice and she's the best teacher!".'

Too funny! Also, awesome for my ego.  Me and Selena Gomez. . . Who I kind of liked in Monte Carlo. . . Oh, and I totally went to that movie with Miss Sunni this summer (it was cute--don't judge!), while at a mid-singles conference in DC (now, you can judge).  And I spent a couple weekends with AL (I miss you, AL!) who now lives in DC. Oh, yeah, and KW-H came to visit, and I am so very, very excited that she is moving back!  And the new TV season started without my TV friend, so sometimes it is sad. . . (Watch Chuck!).  And I got a new IPhone which may be running or ruining my life--I haven't decided yet (too much Words with Friends).

And now you are up to now (well, that was Saturday).  So, yeah, that has been my life.  Halloween will go up soon, and I really will find the cord for my camera and give a play by play of Montana (and our dearly awkward RM), and Five Rus in a Silverado stories, though B talks about it a little.

We'll be in NC for Thanksgiving--come join us if you are in town.  And then in IL for Christmas (a short stopover--stupid having to earn a living!).  Hopefully, from now on, I will better and keeping this up.  If I am going to someday write my novel, I need to actually spend some time writing, right???  Loves!

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The Therapist said...

See, now me I'm just happy to see you post (although I wouldn't complain about more frequent posts) as I then know my dear sweet T is alive!

Miss you girlie and hope to see you in December!

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