Thursday, December 1, 2011

The stars haven't completely lost their glitter. . .

Last night I did a Broad Street Open mic, and I think it went well. Here were my songs (in their original format, not in mine):

They both went well--it is so awesome when you watch your audience respond favorably to you. There was this woman jamming with me at every step. And I even got the group to clap to the beat to Put the Blame on Mame.  It was just glorified karaoke, but it was fun.

Other things that happened:

  • Though sitting all alone, I was approached by a few other players who have noted my two other appearances, so it was nice to be known.
  • Being known meant the guy next to me sat and talked my ear off because he assumed I was good if they cared enough to come talk to me. He actually made the wait to perform fun, but it was an interesting evening. 
  • The cute older guy next to me on the other side (who had a gorgeously-toned tiny guitar) waited around an extra hour and a half to hear me! Which is a pretty sweet compliment considering he may have only seen me twice before.
  • The sound guy and half the wait staff came up to tell me I was awesome. 
  • A random person asked me if I would give her singing lessons (not sure how that would work).
  • I nearly joined a band (of two old men--I would be their fiddle player) who totally play porch music (a banjo player and guitarist). We'll see if that happens. 
  • I'd love to join the bad of Tea Cup Gin, as the guitarist is amazing (Love their cover of Lover Man)! He played a base line with a separate melody all the while modulating through a host of Christmas tunes. Gorgeous! 

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Karen (but sometimes Chris) said...

I want to come see you perform sometime. Happily, that's not exactly out of the question now that I don't have to buy a plane ticket in order to do it. When's your next gig, impromptu or otherwise?

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