Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Car Smell

Okay, cats and kittens, I need help!  I bought a new car on Tuesday, and after driving it all the way down to NC, I need to give it a name.  First, here is the car.

Second--it's polling time!  Help me choose a name, and I will send you some Andes Mint Chocolate Crinkles--they are still soft after they have been frozen.  Go to!

T's car should be named:
Ande - for Andes Mints
MCC - for Mint Chocolate Chip (That is B's but it sounds like an 80's old school rapper)
Scout - for Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints (but technically is the nickname of A, J and E's cutie little girl)
Grasshopper - for grasshopper cookies
Bonny Lass - B's is the sexy Lexi (It's a Lexus), so that is the Irish version (Irish coffee is minty!).
Other--post in the comments.

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ashes said...

I vote MJ - for Mint Julep.
I LOVE my Prius... can Bruce and your new one be friends??

tkangaroo said...


Shelby said...

I vote Scout bc it's also evocative of To Kill a Mockingbird, which is a great book and the movie has Greg Peck.

Jaime said...

Jessica young and I say Jiminey for Jiminey Cricket! Luvs! :)

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