Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Becoming Radiant

So they have to do one more blood test and I have to wait for an hour... Fasting, of course.

So, I need some help y'all. Peter Parker is Spiderman (radioactive spider bite); Bruce Banner is the Hulk (Gamma rays); and the X-men have fun names (genetic mutation), so as I will shortly have radioactive blood, I need a Superhero name. Please throw all ideas in the comments, and we'll vote this week during quarantine...


seashmore said...

A band called Porcupine Tree has a song called "Radioactive Toy," so you could even have a theme song if you wanted.

tkangaroo said...


ashes said...

My vote is "Fire Scarlett."
1) Cause your blood is on 'fire' as it were.
2) Scarlett and not only for the color red... but as in O'Hara, a true Southern belle that would not give up her beloved Tara.

Go get 'em T! You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Atomic Rose

JCH/FOW said...

I vote for Azure Wrath. Your super power? Sonic waves from your voice that do serious damage. Your weakness? Cooking an appropriate amount of food for the number of guest you have coming over. Your vulnerability? Men who look like Sid Vicious.

I've already done a draft of issue one of the Azure Wrath comic book in my head. With any luck, it will be a blockbuster summer superhero film by 2013. Let's make this happen.


Jessica said...


(pronounced like isotope and hematology)

Considering Zen as an add-on

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