Monday, May 21, 2012


I hate this time of year, as I find out what TV shows I have emotionally become attached to are now cancelled. So, let's take this moment to say goodbye. . .

Aloha Alcatraz; sadly, we'll never know if Rebecca is really gone.  And thank you for a partnership as great as Doc and Rebecca's--which was one of the best parts of the show. I loved the odd family interactions, and the mystery, though sometimes the murderer of the week was unsettling.

Auf Wiedersehen, Awake. Sadly,  you were too intricate for the American public, though you were fascinating.

Bu-bye Bent and Best Friends Forever--I barely knew you existed until you were axed, but you had some great casts, and fun potential. Sorry your networks didn't care. You were actually somewhat cute and real, and different from the million shows around. Bent reminded me of working for Daddy, and BFF was totally a throw-back to My Boys, but with girls.

Farewell to the Finder.  I enjoyed your crazy antics, and your so-much-better-for-USA guy and partner with a fun ensemble. I loved Michael Clarke Duncan and Walter's partnership, and I thought the Willa spin was interesting.

Easy Come and Easy Go, Eureka--you have made me smile more than a few times over the years, and I would love to have my own Carter, or to be Jo, or to live in a town like Eureka--Cafe Diem at ComicCon was my favorite place to hit every time I was in town.

Goodbye GCB, you made me happy on a regular basis. Someone find Kristin Chenoweth and Annie Potts a show, stat!  I also loved how this became a female friendship building, scripture quoting, somewhat inappropriate, but delightful little show. Miriam Schor, your Cricket Caruth-Riley was delightful!

I will miss you, In Plain Sight.  Thank you for tying up your loose ends, making five seasons of overlooked greatness, and still providing a well-earned finale that didn't pander too much to the shippers.

Pleasant Journey, Prime Suspect, you started slightly stilted, but made up for it with gorgeous visuals and a slowly cohesive ensemble. I started to love you just as they pulled the plug.

Adieu, Unforgettable, you were a great little show, and we were finally about to get into the mystery of it all. It bugs me that I know this had higher ratings than a ton of shows that are staying on--sorry that on CBS, that doesn't cut it.

There are a ton that I'm worried about, Cougar Town, Community without Dan Harmon, Person of Interest, but hopefully, they will iron out the problems (well, Community is going to be a long shot) for the new year.

ETA: Sayonara, Sanctuary. I just found out about your cancellation, and, after enjoying you for four seasons, am super depressed. 


Caitlin said...

NOOOOO they took away Bent? We laughed so hard at that show!

seashmore said...

What?! Awake is gone?! Please tell me I'm just wearing the wrong color bracelet.

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