Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Learning to like mornings, yoga, and a trip to the Depot

Just some things I've been doing lately.

- Moving back my wake up time--This doesn't work so well if I don't get to bed early enough. Monday morning, semi-okay. 6:00 am didn't work out so well. But going to bed the night before at 8 was delightful--I felt well-rested and ready to go. I did get scripture study in, but I went back to sleep. So, I tried earlier on Tuesday morning. Turns out if you go to bed at 11:40 pm, then 5:45 is too early, and by the time you have done scripture study until 6:15, you are thinking that a half-hour power nap would be perfect. Third morning, turns out 9 will have to be my bedtime if I can get up at 5. Mostly because 10:30 pm led to me looking at the alarm clock at 5:30, and saying, "meh."

- Coming up with 25 yoga poses to correlate with Scripture Mastery--post to follow.

- Expecting to sleep late again tomorrow, as tonight at 8pm, I am hitting open mic night (so more like 8:30) at the Depot, if you are bored.


seashmore said...

I'm excited for the post on SM-related yoga poses.

Karen (but sometimes Chris) said...

I want to hear you sing again. Can you send me an e-mail a few days ahead of time so I can plan?

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