Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Gods MUST be crazy

Well at least one of them. This morning I received the most daunting calling I've ever received. Some certifiable person decided that because I did so well at Primary, then I must be a good teacher (Don't they know in primary if you lesson doesn't go well, you give the kids a piece of paper and some crayons and let them draw something lesson related?).

Guess who is the new seminary teacher for the next two years? Can we say blindsided? Not even on my radar of "callings for Taunja." For 160 days (twice), I'll be teaching five days a week throughout the school year. New Testament and then Book of Mormon. Whoa.

I'm terrified and excited. And terrified.

I'm going to have to change my life to make this work. No, seriously. 6am call time, half an hour away. No more roll out of bed, grab something for breakfast/lunch out of the pantry, off to work (in 15 minutes). I'm going to have to be an adult and actually schedule my life (outside of work--not just fun activities).

When you teach little kids one day a week, it is okay if you aren't super great--they have parents for that. When you teach teenagers five days a week for two years, you could actually screw them up if you aren't good.

Things I've thought about since 8:45 this morning (the high councilor was late):

  1. Is this a joke? 
  2. Whoa?
  3. Are you sure? 
  4. Um, really?
  5. That is a lot.
  6. Whoa.
  7. Seriously?
  8. Okay, what do I remember about seminary?
  9. Brother Snyder's car.
  10. Various basements
  11. Brother Wilkinson
  12. Lee Poor
  13. Sister Simonson
  14. Daniel Ames being a jerk to the teacher
  15. Nathan fearing for his life as we sped to seminary in the mornings
  16. Being tired a lot. 
  17. Apfelskevers
  18. Friday morning muffins
  19. Showers in the dark (which I still do)
  20. Okay, what do I want to accomplish if I am actually going to do this?
  21. Life isn't perfect.
  22. Life isn't what you think it is going to be, and your plans are not God's plans.
  23. The Gospel isn't just for the kids who are sitting at the front of the class
  24. I am not going to be a usual teacher--I hope they are okay with that.
  25. No Judging Eyes--I can't wait to teach a host of teenagers about JEs.
  26. If there is any place that is going to be safe, it is going to be my classroom.
  27. Friday morning breakfasts if they seem to be engaged during the week. 
  28. Seriously, teenagers? I hated my high school years. Well, I hated parts of them--middle school was worse.
  29. Um, I am not a scriptorian. How on earth am I going to teach a bunch of kids to love the scriptures?
  30. Is this actually a prank? 
  31. Whoa.
  32. Deep breaths
  33. I think cancer may have been easier. 

And lots of lots of prayer. And tears.

Sometimes the Lord likes to lob a bunch out to left field. Turns out, I am his favorite left fielder. And I am trying my darnedest to catch it. Here goes nothing.


Bradley said...

TRuch, you are going to be awesome. Ad 6 am is really early. And you'll be awesome.

seashmore said...

Your last thought gave me a chuckle.

If it makes you feel any better, when I went to seminary, I left home at 5:50 a.m., drove 20 miles (30 minutes) to seminary, sat there for 50 minutes, and then drove another 20 miles (30 minutes) to school straight from seminary.

Teenagers can be fun--they're at a time in their life when they're figuring out who they are. They aren't much different than toddlers in that aspect.

Amy said...

You will be

Jessica said...

Wow!!! What a calling.

You are going to be remembered. I still remember this amazing David and Goliath lesson that an awesome seminary teacher gave.

But I also remember a strange one who grouped the kids in "families" so the entire front row was full of father figure boys.

It was usually a geekier type kid who must have given off spiritual vibes......or probably just reminded the teacher of himself as a lad...followed by the "moms" and then the kids. (I was a back row kid of course)

The boys would even give assignments and such to the poor schmucks on their row.

When someone (much braver and frankly cooler than I)in the class pointed out the women prophetesses and such in the bible he said that that only happened when things weren't running like they were supposed to in the kingdom.....that women speaking for God was a sure sign that something was amiss.

Man I'll never forget that guy. What a piece of work. ok rant over.

You will be remembered. In a good way. What I'd give to be a teen sitting to hear the Judging Eyes lesson.

The idea of you teaching those kids is making my day.

Karen (but sometimes Chris) said...

I totally agree with thought #22; my gut disagrees with #33 but I don't have the personal experience to back up that judgement.

At least you are starting with New Testament and the BoM. Once you get those under your belt, maybe they'll renew your contract for another 2 years and then you'll be teaching stories about bears eating naughty children and asses that speak in the Old Testament.

I'm in shock and blindsided for you, but I also know you'll be fabulous!

Tim & Alicia said...

You are going to be AWESOME, and you'll grow to love it too! I taught Homestudy Seminary for a couple of years. One thing that helped me is to remember that all you can do is be prepared and do your best to follow the Spirit. The rest is up to the teenagers, and teenagers can be impossible and drive you crazy. I usually cried my whole way home from seminary every week, some nights tears of frustration, and other nights tears of joy because I knew I was reaching them, and the spirit was touching them. Good luck! There are lots of fun games and object lessons that you can do to help you all stay awake!

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