Thursday, September 20, 2012

Because some people have asked. . .

And it can't hurt to keep a record:

Tuesday, Sept 4 - hand out various scriptures. Talk about various things we learn from the New Testament (the nature of the Godhead, Non-judgement, the sacrament, love thy neighbor, baptism for the dead, etc.). Here are the scriptures if you are interested:

2 Timothy 3:15 Revelations 1:7
2 Timothy 3:16 John 14:26
2 Timothy 3:17 Matthew 7:2
John 17:3 Acts 10:34
Matthew 3:17 Acts 9:3-6
John 3:17 Matthew 26:28 (specifically footnote c)
Acts 17:24 Colossians 3:5-6
Hebrews 1:2 1 Thessalonians 4:16
Romans 2:16

Wednesday, Sept. 5  - books of the NT cup stacking: Took Blue and Red Solo cups, wrote the books of the NT near the lip, and we were in two groups seeing who could stack in order the fastest. And then I taught the make-up of the NT, and they had to reorganize into Gospels, history, Epistles, Revelation. we've also done backwards (Here are some more: and we did this: - click on it--it takes you to a site that lets you play as a group.

Thursday, Sept. 6 - Plan of Salvation Art Project. They got together in groups of two and I gave them a poster board and a bunch of markers/crayons, paint pens, etc. Using the following terms: pre-existence, eternal life, fall, creation, atonement and the four principles and ordinances of the gospel and the following scriptures:

Abraham 3:22 Abraham 3:25
Moses 1:39 Alma 41:3-6
3 Nephi 12:48 1 Corinthians 15:35
Abraham 3:24-7 1 Corinthians 15:40-42
2 Nephi 2:22-5 Romans 8:17
2 Nephi 9:6-10 2 Nephi 9:25
Alma 42:9-15 Article of Faith 4
Helaman 14:15-17 Article of Faith 3

Friday, Sept 7 - Scripture Mastery Yoga

Monday, Sept. 10 - Between Old and New Testament. Talked History and background of the time period between, the gospel writers, and the various factions in Christ's time (Sadducees, pharisees, etc.). Added quizzes in every five to ten on the information I was teaching, and chucked candy at their heads if they could answer.

Tuesday, Sept. 11 - Matthew 1-2, Talked about background a little of those two chapters and played a memory-type game. Using face cards (8-A, matching black to black and red to red of corresponding numbers), I used masking tape on each and wrote (with a sharpie) various scriptures on them. On one black 8, I put an old testament scripture, on the other a prophecy fulfilled in Matthew. Mostly using the scriptures here under the heading:
Matthew 1:22–23. The birth and life of Jesus Christ fulfilled many promises made to ancient prophets.

Wednesday, Sept. 12 - Talked about the nature of the Godhead, and the baptism of Christ. Did a lot of journaling about what they remembered about their baptism, and ways they can try to grow closer to the Godhead (Matt 3).

Thursday, Sept 13 - Taking a clear vase filled with water, I dropped a clementine into it after asking if it will float or sink (it floats). Then I peeled it and asked again. Dropping in the peeled orange (it sinks), we talked about making a good covering to prepare us to interact with the world (Matthew 4)  We talked about why we fast and the temptations of Christ. All temptations come under three categories: appetite, vanity, or power/riches. They took turns rolling a clementine towards the front of the room. Whichever the clementine landed near (I had three "pins"), they were in one of those groups. Together they came up with ten temptations relating to whichever of the three they were in that they could come across daily in their life, i.e. appetite--too many video games, vanity--being mean to someone because you wanted to show you were cool, power/riches--trying to be in charge in a group just so you could show that you were powerful. After five minutes, we rolled again. The new groups had to come up with solutions to the 10 that could help them create a better covering. They had five more minutes. Then they had to share three of them with the group.

Friday, Sept 14 - Updated the cards (added in 2-7) with questions from the Monday's lesson, i.e. A person: Matthew And a description: An Apostle who wrote to convince the Jews. Or a group: the Sanhedrin and a description: a body of 71 Jews and a High Priest that Rome put in charge of Jewish law.  Or a country: Egypt and a description: Probably stole the ark of the covenant during their government of Israel, rotated Yoga, stacking game, and the cards (the winner of variations of the stacking game got to choose the activity next).

Monday, Sept. 24 - 8 Steps to Joy - Matthew 3-12? I think. Anyway, the beatitudes - We talked about how learning to take on those things draws us closer to Christ and helps us become better. Then I did a puzzle as described here under the heading
Matthew 57:15–27 (see also Luke 6:20–36, 44–49). If we do our best to keep the commandments, the Lord can make us perfect.

Tuesday, Sept. 25 - Brought in a lamp, my phone (that is a flashlight, too), and glow in the dark sticks. Started in the dark with the Matt 5:14-16 Yoga position, and went from there. Talked about different properties of light. Spent 5 minutes writing different types after I demonstrated a few. Then we spent 5 more minutes explaining how Christ is like those different types -- writing in their journals, then sharing around the group.  Then did the old stick a card on your back with the scriptures under the topic heading:
Matthew 5:21–48 (see also Luke 6:29–36). Christ fulfilled the law of Moses and restored the gospel fulness, bringing the higher law. I wrote the old testament and new testament scriptures on post-its, stuck it on their backs, and they had to find their partner. They could ask Yes, or no questions and Identify old or new testaments, but no more. They had to find the ancient prophecy, and how Christ Fulfilled it. Finally we talked about the things the Lord taught about Prayer and how it was important. The guy from the bishopric made it through the first half--and got a post-it on his back for his trouble.

Wednesday, Sept 19 - Matt 8-9, His Miracles. Today I made them fill out the grid shown here under the topic of Matthew 8–10 (see also Mark 1:29–344:35–6:11Luke 4:38–415:17–267:1–9:511:14). The different kinds of miracles the Lord performed show that He has power over all things. He shared this power with the Apostles. We talked about where in other books those types of miracles show up (after they identified them, and we talked about them), and we talked about miracles today--and the priesthood being the power that helps perform miracles, but that really all you need is faith. And I talked about Daddy falling off the roof when I was in fifth grade and how if it weren't for a blessing, he probably would not have made it, and he was preserved because our family needed him more at that moment.  I shared a lot about me today. It was a little more of a somber class.

Tomorrow is the calling of the apostles and Friday will be more Yoga, a rehash of cups, and I am going to peel off some of the tape on the cards, and add in more stuff we've talked about this week. And maybe revisit the scripture help jeopardy from Day 2.

I'll share more as the days progress.

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