Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Seminary So far

B says if I was a teacher, it would be at a Montessori School. She's not wrong. 

I've come up with art projects (plan of salvation, sermon on the mount), games (a mix of party games, learning games, matching games, you name it), journaling (remembering, goals, etc), group work (team competitions, planning), and crazy intros (today it was by lamplight, flashlight, and glow-in-the-dark).  Not to mention scripture mastery yoga

I think the kids are responding well. I don't think you can gauge fully because most teenagers don't want to show that they care about things, but I think they like me. 

I had my first visitor today from the D2 bishopric. I felt slightly intimidated, especially since this was a crazy day for me--I was trying something new.  But, I think he enjoyed it and got something out of it, so I don't think they'll remove me right away for being my crazy self. 

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