Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nashville Last Night: Postcard from Mexico

I love this show. I am addicted to it. Mostly, the music. But also Deacon. And Rayna (I want her shampoo--it has to be Angel's Tears, right?). And how good Hayden is as Juliet (no one was more surprised than I). And Deacon. And the duets! And Deacon.

I don't love what they've done with Gunnar and Scarlet, and if Avery and Scarlet get back together, I will scream. But if I those little girls can sing a little more often, and I can have Deacon smoldering and giving sage advice on my TV all the time (and doing lovely things in the elevator), I'm a happy girl.

Here was my favorite from last night. That made Deacon all sorts of upset about his current situation.

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