Sunday, April 12, 2009

Movie of the Week: Easter Parade

I adore Fred Astaire movies. I love Judy Garland. Put them both together, and you get this week's Movie of the Week. The sumptuous hats! The gorgeous dancing! The catchy Irving Berlin tunes! I adore the supporting players--the ever-feisty, fastest-tapper-around, Ann Miller; the gorgeous, totally-had-a-crush-on-him-for-years Peter Lawford; and the bumblingly amusing (one of Ann's costars in On the Town with Gene Kelley) Jules Munshin.

I've been longing for an amazing Easter bonnet now for the past few years (partially due to this movie, and partially due to a cross between the Ascot Races scene in My Fair Lady and the Ribbons Down My Back scene in Hello Dolly). Sadly, finding a hat shop is a little difficult these days. The closest google got me was near DC. So sad.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter, and enjoy some Fred & Judy. . .

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