Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Note: Film Junky

Yes, I know that I have been on a movie kick of late. Sorry to those of you who would rather I pontificate on the state of my relationships or the lack/melodrama of said relationships by picking them apart, revealing every nuanced interaction. Or to those of you who want me to talk about the latest book that has left a gaping wound in my still-beating heart (that one is coming), but for some reason, I have been fascinated by film of late.. I think it was showing off the wish list section of the TiVo to B (I have a lot of old school screen stars in my list) or maybe watching Easter Parade (which I should own, but don't). TCM has been my TV channel of choice for the past week.

Today, I was given a second gift. My google reader is constantly filled with stuff I want to read but haven't gotten around to, and usually I end up deleting off a few. This title of this post from Slate seemed odd, and though I nearly deleted it, I decided to click. Thank Goodness I did. It is a classic movie lovers dream.

Though I am poor as a church mouse, there is no doubt that for $19.95, I will probably write up a list of my favorites, and start to decide what I can cut out in order to have a few of the movies on the list--that movie I have always wanted because I saw it at 3:00 am on TCM and adored it; but have never seen it again. I cannot wait. I hope more studios will make my dreams come true the same way. If you love movies--classic film--then you won't be able to stop yourself from smiling at this golden chance to love Hollywood in black, white, color, silent, sound, or stereoscope. I'm nearly giddy with the notion.

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