Sunday, April 19, 2009

Movie of the Week: What a Way to Go!

This kooky gem stars a gorgeous Shirley MacLaine and a ton of top Hollywood men. What I wouldn't have given to play opposite all of these, knowing that they were all going to woo me! Wow. It had to be extremely intimidating. . .

A young Shirley is charmed by Dick Van Dyke, Paul Newman (lucky, lucky girl--so jealous), Robert Mitchum, Gene Kelley, and Dean Martin (with a fun appearance by Robert Cummings as her therapist). She is a sweet, simple girl in search of a good, simple life. Sadly, it seems she is cursed to bring amazing financial luck to all she falls in love with, but that only makes them spend less time with her. . . I love how each part of her life is turned into a movie:

Black & White Silent Film (Almost Chaplinesque)

Dark, Brooding French Film (Complete with Subtitles)

Crazy, Posh Fashion Film (with so many extravagant costume changes)

MGM Musical Extravaganza! (You can't have Gene not dance!)

And finally, a bit more down on the farm. . . .

It is extremely odd, yet oh so lovely. Do not be surprised if it feels a little trippy. But you can't help but root for sweet, little Louisa May Hopper Flint Anderson Benson Crawley. Enjoy!

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