Monday, October 4, 2010

Life Changing Decisions

Today I was asked to make a choice.  Tomorrow I will go to the temple to make sure I am right.  Part of me does not want to take the step.  It is much easier to live in your comfort zone and stay the easy course.  But sometimes it is time--even if you will miss certain people horribly.  It is what you do to grow up.  Even if we think we are old (or getting older), we always have new moments to grow up.

The Nephites went through their pride cycle over and over and over again.  And I am going to have to take my steps out into harsh reality.  I know the Lord will watch over me. I know that what I decide will be right for me, but I also am a little sad to say goodbye to an important chapter in my  life.  I feel a little like I did when I left Provo--not that I am going anywhere.  It is more a state of mind, and a little bit like moving from one end of Southfork to the other.  Say a little prayer for me. . .


Karen (but sometimes Chris) said...

Are you going to start working at the other University? Love you!

tkangaroo said...

Not even that far.

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