Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best of (Scripted) TV 2008

Y'all know I am a media addict, and that one of my favorite poisons is TV; so here it is, my scripted favorites in '08.

1. Best Show on TV--Pushing Daisies (or view episodes here):
Subtle pining/Cutest eyebrows: Ned (Lee Pace)
Best Delivery: Emerson Cod (Chi McBride)
Most Snarky/Best use of an eye patch: Aunt Lily (Swoosie Kurtz--her delivery of "Mid-middle-morning prayers" left me rolling)
Best Sidekick on TV/Best use of random singing in a TV show (and best use of a Bangles cover)/Best use of cleavage: Olive Snook, aka Itty Bitty (Kristen Chenowith)
Best Narrator ever: Jim Dale
Runner Up: Chuck

2. Best Summer Escape--Burn Notice (episodes here):
Best use of various characters & accents: Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan)
Most Moxie: Fiona, aka Fee (Gabrielle Anwar)
My favorite layabout/lady killer: Sam (Bruce Campbell)
Runner Up: Psych/My Boys

3. Best Writer's Strike Escape--Eli Stone (episodes here):
Best Assistant on TV: Miss Patti (Loretta Divine)
Best Boss who sometimes breaks into song, but only in your head: Jordan Wethersby (Victor Garber--SpyDaddy Bristow, I adore you.)
Best Asian Stereotype who isn't: Dr. Frank Chen (James Saito)
Runner Up: Sarah Conner Chronicles on TV and Veronica Mars, Buffy, Firefly, Wonderfalls, and Alias on DVD

4. Best thing to come out of the writer's strike--Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (watch here):
Best Supervillian who is really kind of good, sort of/"Peace, but not really": Dr. Horrible, aka Billy (Neil Patrick Harris)
Best Superhero who is really a tool: Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion)
Best Homeless Helper who likes FroYo and suffers for our hero's origin story: Penny (Felicia Day)
Runner Up: Some of the amusing Writers' videos on YouTube

5. Best Import--Doctor Who:
Fantastic Doctor/Lonely God/Sexy Brain: The Doctor (at the moment played with an enthusiasm that just makes you smile by David Tenant)
Favorite Companion: Donna Noble (Catherine Tate--just watch her in the last episode play the Doctor as David Tenant--she is genius!)
Best reunited couple: The Doctor & Rose Tyler (Billy Piper)
Runner Up: Torchwood/Instant Star

6. Best SciFi Show--Supernatural:
Best Brotherly relationship: Sam & Dean Winchester (Jared Padelecki & Jensen Ackles)
Best Fatherly Baddassery & Slap you upside the head common sense: Bobby (Jim Beaver)
Most heartbreakingly melancholy and beautiful Divine Being; The Angel Castiel (Misha Collins)
Runner Up: Eureka/Fringe /Smallville

7. Best Procedural--Bones (episodes here):
Partnership with the best chemistry: Booth & Bones (David Boreanaz & Emily Deschanel)
Cutest Couple on TV (Who will hopefully get back together): Angela & Hodges (Michaela Conlin & T.J. Thyne
Runner Up: The Mentalist/Numb3rs/The Closer/House

8. Best Comedy--30 Rock (episodes here):
Best Straightwoman/Single Gal: Liz Lemon (Tina Fey)
Best Corporate Boss whom you would think you would hate, but you can't help but love: Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin)
Best NBC Page: Kenneth (Jack McBrayer)
Best Posse who ascend out of the cliche: Dot Com & Grizz (Kevin Brown & Grizz Chapman)
Runner Up: The Office/Ugly Betty/My Boys

9. Show I am most looking forward to in 2009--Dollhouse:
Best Show Runner ever: Joss Whedon
Most likely to be cancelled after four episodes due to Fox being stupid.
Runner Up: Cupid

10. Random Awards:

  • Best Writing/Visual and literary poetry every week: The genius writers of Pushing Daisies
  • Best Badass: Casey from Chuck (Adam Baldwin)
  • Best Evil Duo: Amanda & Mark from Ugly Betty (Becki Newton & Michael Urie)
  • Best Use of Guest Stars: 30 Rock, Runners Up: Pushing Daisies & Chuck
  • Most heartbreaking TV episode: House's double episode season Finale last May (April?)--Beautiful, Runner Up--the finale of Doctor Who Season 4
  • Most heartbreaking TV moment of 2008: Cancellation of Pushing Daisies
  • Gratuitous use of a gorgeous lead to bring viewers into the show: The Mentalist's Simon Baker
  • Best Lipsycing: Jensen Ackles Eye of the Tiger rendition for Supernatural's Yellow Fever episode
  • Most wasted potential: Heroes & the cast of Heroes, Runner Up--the cast of Moonlight and the cast of Studio 60
  • Best Dialogue/Quotes: Pushing Daisies, Runner Up--the Office
  • Best Meet Cute: Doctor Who & Donna in the Partner's in Crime episode
  • Best used-to-be-a-British-TV-show-that-is-not-The-Office: Life on Mars
  • Favorite actor & actress who need a show of their own: Kristin Bell & David Anders, Runner Up: Lauren Graham/Amy Pietz & Andy Richter/Jason Dohring (and the entire cast of Studio 60, especially Nathan Corddry--and now the cast of Pushing Daisies)
  • Best Guilty pleasure over the holidays: Leverage
  • Best TV miniseries: The BBC's/Masterpiece Theatre's new Jane Austen Movies
  • Best New Character: Davis Bloome/Doomsday on Smallville, Runner Up--Castiel on Supernatural & Holly on The Office
  • Least utilized newly credited cast member: Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen) on Smallville & Julia Ling (Anna Wu) on Chuck
  • Most heartbreaking cancellation of last season: Aliens in America, though sometimes uneven, this was a fabulous little show.
  • Favorite Bromance: Shawn & Gus from Psych

A couple of unscripted just for fun!

  • Reality Favorites that don't make me want to give up on the entire human race: Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, Top Design, & Top Chef.
  • Best Reality Host: Cat Dealy, Runner Up--Heidi Klum
  • Best Reality Judge: Nina Garcia, Runner Up--Tom Colicchio
  • Best Reality Mentor: Tim Gunn, Runner Up--Shane Sparks
  • Best Election Night Duo: Stephen Colbert & John Stewart

Can you think of anything I missed? If you come up with something good enough, I'll add it in. Yes, I know I watch too much TV.

Happy New Year!

ETA: Karen rightly reminded me of our favorite Christmas Special this season. . .

  • Best Christmas Special: A Colbert Christmas, with our favorite guest star these days, John Legend (Now available on DVD--"Please help the Colbert children eat").


Don & Tess said...

Dearie, I don't watch ANY of those. I think I catch about 3 shows a week.

But you totally should check out Big Bang Theory. Only sitcom I have ever liked and actively sought.


Karen (but sometimes Chris) said...

You forgot best Christmas TV Special and Soundtrack CD. "A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All" featuring performances by Feist, Toby Keith, Willie Nelson, Elvis Costello, Jon Stewart and John Legend. It's an instant classic. I know it's wrong, but Ally's new favorite Christmas carol to dance to is "Nutmeg" by John Legend. Check it out if you haven't seen/heard it.

We love you, T! Hugs and kisses, Ally and Karen (and Chris).

tkangaroo said...

Tess, I have been told to check out Big Bang--It is now on my netflix queue.

Ally, Chris, & Karen, The Colbert Christmas Special was a favorite of ours--and yes, it is wrong, but I, too, have been crooning nutmeg. Especially on New Years Eve when I made fondue (With Nutmeg). :)

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