Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rainy Days. . .

Driving home today was lovely. The corridor on 54 was like something out of a Whitman poem or Anne of Green Gables (the part that starts around 1:36 and goes to 4:42). Hauntingly lovely, the mist lingered among the trees, tempting me with whispers of perching on a windowsill with a good book or snuggling with someone in front of the fire, while having existentialist conversations about living away from it all (even as we turn on the fireplace with a light switch and I blog over our wireless network--ah, irony).

Don't you just love how romantic gray days are? With the color washed from everything, the innocence and simplicity of a black-and-white film take over. Fred & Ginger could be dancing their way out of the rain just out of view. Or Gilda could be on the roulette table with her guitar singing about the nature of men (See below. Isn't Rita Hayworth stunning? You cannot look away from her!). It makes you want to sing heartbreak songs in a dingy speakeasy or walk hand-in-hand down a lonely road. I love it.

There is a quote from a semi-recent Doctor Who Episode that explains my rainy day feeling the best:

"I love old things. They make me feel sad."

"What's good about sad?"

"It's happy for deep people."

Funny, yet perfect. It makes me want to escape in a sigh. . . . Happy Rainy Day.

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