Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Driving home today, I saw a bumper sticker that made me slightly uncomfortable.

It said, "GYMSOX." After a minute I realized the x was really a sideways Crucifix, and in small letters I saw the words "Get Your Mind Set On Christ." Now I am all for sayings that help kids and teenagers feel a connection to the Lord. I left the house for years with Mom yelling after, "Return with Honor!" and a little Iron Rod key chain, but I have a little bit of a problem with this one. Why on Earth would you want to connect the Savior of the World with sweaty, smelly, disgusting things that you pull off after a hard work-out or a trash-talking basketball game? Really, you want to equate the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to gym socks? Am I being too harsh? It just doesn't seem very respectful. Thoughts?

On the other hand, does anyone now have George Harrison's I've Got My Mind Set On You stuck in your head? Sidebar: Who knew he could dance like that or that they used Disney's Haunted Mansion for music videos?


Lady Holiday said...

That was my favorite song in middle school, for some reason.

Don & Tess said...

I can see it, in an obscure kind of way. Gym socks: working hard, but keeping you protected? Cushioning the blows? Life isn't always pretty, but it's worth doing? *shrug*

Not necessarily the most honorific light to put the Lord in, but for some, maybe it's a practical perspective...The sideways crucifix is more iffy to me.

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