Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mom,

You gave me your voice, your allergies, your massive ability to multi-task... the way I clasp my hands when speaking in public, and my need for everyone to "just get along." My genetic need to feed people? All you. A love of family and friends around the dinner table--yep--though I think your mother also contributed.

My love of reading started early with you and Danny and the Dinosaur. A love of dibble eggs and Barbra Streisand. A yearning to live in old movie musicals? Still you. A love of the cheesy and melodramatic? Mostly your genes--some daddy, but mostly you. My ability to talk to anyone is definitely learned from you.

A love of singing in the car, my knowledge of all Reba McEntire lyrics, a divine attraction to Karaoke? Mom written all over that! A desperate guilt about not being able to help everyone definitely mother-learned. My big feet and big mouth--genetically yours first. Not my height, but definitely my bone structure.

My love of the gospel. My relationship with Jesus Christ. My journal writing habits. My love of the scriptures--all demonstrated by you. You taught me what was important and why I should care about the world around me. Your example spoke volumes even if you didn't always. I am the way I am because of you. Good and bad. Happy and sad. Learned at my mothers knee.

Time warp--well, at least a terribly cheesy time of shoulder pads and over-sized sweaters with leggings--guilty pleasure moments, but so very, very cheesy. And yet, I remember learning so much from watching you sing them. Your testimony sang sweetly and earnestly.

Thank you for it all, Mom. I truly appreciate it. (Though we need to get more pictures of you scanned. I spent all week trying to track some down. If my scanner at work was working better, there would be some embarrassing pictures loaded here. Oh well, next time. ;) )

I love you, Mom!


P.S. This may be redundant if you get your card in time. Due to the unreliability of the post office, that is--though it did get into the mail.

P.P.S. A beautiful post on mothers.

P.P.P.S. As long as I am linking to Reba, I should really include these two.

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