Monday, May 10, 2010

Musings about music. . .

Side Note: I adore Craig Ferguson. I never really grew up as a late night person. In college I enjoyed watching Conan and Andy but only sometimes. And in the past few years (during the inauguration and the Olympics), I enjoyed myself some Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, but my favorite late-night personality these days is Craig Ferguson.

It could be his Scottish accent. Or the fact that he is patriotic in a lovely way (He and Madeline Albright--amazing!). Or that he likes accuse his audience of being hobos who are only in it for the promise of free chicken. Or that he'll bring on a moral philosopher just because it fascinates him. Or that his life used to be really messed up, but he cleaned up his act, and now has a late-night TV show (that recently won a Peabody!). Or the fact that he got the Mythbusters to build him a robot skeleton side-kick (which he kind of regrets now--I have a feeling he hoped it would be more terminator-y). Or the fact that a bunch of celebrities that I like seem to really enjoy interacting with him. Too funny.

Anyway, a few months ago there was a British Folk band on the show, and I've been obsessed with them ever since. Many times I'll listen to part of his musical guests, but then fast forward, but the song was catchy and gorgeous, and I couldn't stop listening. So, after all that, I would like to share Mumford & Sons. . .

Here is the song that caught me:

Here is another can't-get-it-out-of-your-head song that they sang on Letterman--though I wish they would release this version on itunes instead of their less radio-friendly version:

One of the videos that just makes me smile:

And the one that haunts me:

Also, Ruthie introduced me to Time Lord Rock, and those songs keep running through my head (no pun intended--mostly).


An Awful Lot of Running:

I can't seem to stop humming them. . .

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